2014 Quilts on Display January 18th

A quilting group was started by Grace Kamrath about a decade ago with a dozen women completing a hundred quilts a year for Lutheran World Relief.  A LWR “tracker” noted that of the 80 quilts FLC Quilters delivered to the MPLS site this year, 73 were shipped to Lebanon.  Other places that received quilts were: Chad, India, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania and Thailand.

The First Lutheran unit is a small part of that big picture.  Through your donations and other sources, this year we spent $400 on four rolls of bating to make quality quilts.  We made a $230 contribution in 2013 for shipping costs as it averages about two dollars per quilt to ship.  There will be a container for monetary contributions on January 18th when quilts are displayed throughout our sanctuary. ( Donations accepted anytime at the Church Office)

We quilt mornings the fourth Tuesday of every month with an average of eight women; down four in number.  Four of these make quilt tops at home and two sew around the binding to complete the tied quilt.  A recent volunteer is assisting with the last step by picking up quilts and sewing around them at home.  Please join us if you can tie a knot, pin edges together, sew together blocks at home or help the new volunteer with final sewing.  Each small unit needs to maintain quotas to keep fulfilling goals of LWR.  Contact the church office to be put in contact with this group.