Love Baskets Will Spread Holiday Cheer!

Our ‘Love Baskets’ have been going out to our members who live alone for many years now and are so much appreciated. We fill the baskets with cookies, bars, fruits and special treats. Please join us in gathering contents, filling and delivering these baskets. Donations may be brought to the church … [Read more...]

Join Pr. Carl as a volunteer at Global Health Ministries

In September and October members of First Lutheran gathered various items to package into Hospice Kits to be distributed to places around the world where they are most needed. Some of the kits no doubt went to places like Liberia and Sierra Leone where they were used for people suffering from Ebola, … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Candles

A new way to remember and honor people this Christmas season is available to you. Only two poinsettias fit into our sanctuary so battery operated candles will be offered to you. The candles will be placed on the shelves on the west side and will be lit on Christmas Eve. Your purchased candle will … [Read more...]